Interview is not an interrogation

I had an interview. I interviewed a person for a job.

The guy was nice. He was polite, calm, altogether he was a person that I could like.

but his experience was really bad.

And that wasn’t everything.

He wasn’t able to bring the best out of his bad experience.

It seemed that he had not done anything at work last seven years.

I’m sure he had done.

..but he was not able to explain it.

I felt desperate. The person was applying for a job, and he could not explain anything from his work history.

He could not explain any of the successes he had.
He could not explain his goals.
He could not explain his ambitions.

I tried my best.

but I don’t know if he tried.

He could not explain anything from his work, I tried to ask if he has any hobbies. Perhaps, he could explain some cool hobby and convince me to hire him.

No he could not. He did not have hobbies.

I said thank you and he was not hired.

When you go to an interview, be prepared.

I’m sure you have heard this several times, but prepare a story.

Yes, tell the story of yourself.

What you’ve done, what you like, how you have been successful. What kind of feedback you’ve received.

Interviewer wants to hear that you’ve done something. He wants to hear that you’ve been successful in what you’ve been doing.

He wants to see a person that looks forward.

He wants that you’ve goals in your career and life. He wants to know that you’ve some ambitions.

Prove that you’ve learned and you can still learn.

Don’t go to interview like you would go to interrogation.

The interviewer wants to have rather discussion than questioning.

He does not want to dig information out of you. He wants that you tell him everything he needs to feel happy when he leaves from the room.

Trust me. He wants you to succeed. It’s easier for him.

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