You are just 10000 throws away from your success

The question that is asked of me the most is how do I have time for all the things I do.

“You have four kids and you have a house. How you can do blogging, websites, webstores etc.”

So, how do I have time for all that?

If you were to ask my wife, she would say it’s because she does all the housework, which to be honest is part of the truth. She doesn’t do all the housework, we divide it unevenly, but it’s true, if I needed to take care of all that, I would have less time.

Having a good relationship and co-operation with your wife, or husband, is an important factor in productivity. ..and I’m not even joking.…

There is always time. Time is available everywhere. I don’t have more time than you. I’m probably not faster than you and unlikely more clever than you!

Your life has time, but more than time it has excuses and waste. I’m so busy is the most common and probably the oldest excuse ever.

Probably Cleopatra sat on top of her throne surrounded by 150 servants and 15,000 slaves working for her and she complained how busy she is…

Well, she did build pyramids anyway.


“I’m so busy.”

When I hear someone saying “I’m so busy”. I start thinking .. Ok, that guy is busy. Let’s see what he has accomplished and let’s think all of the concrete things he has done.

Guess what. The people who complain about busyness rarely have concrete achievements and they are never entrepreneurs.

Then I meet people who are extremely busy, but they always have a smile on their face, and hair is pointing backwards because of the speed they have. And they never say they are busy! And if they say – They laugh at it.

Busyness. “I don’t have time”. “I have children, I can’t do anything” are just excuses.

Sure, you can’t do coding or blogging, if you have small kids right next to you, and you should not do it! Spend the time with your kids, value that time and give your attention to them, but when they go to birthday party or sleep, forget the dishes and do whatever you want. Do the tasks you love or tasks that take you to the direction where you want to go.

Use the time you have to do the important things. Don’t let it waste away.

This is my key idea:

I believe success is pile of small actions. When you do lot of actions, some of them will be hits. More actions you do, closer to success you will get. And it’s just a time line of actions.

If you don’t have much time to do the actions, getting to success takes a lot of time, but it does not mean it could not happen.

It’s like you throw a ball to a basket. It will hit or it will miss. Probably some mathematician can form a formula to count how probable it is that you will hit or miss based on your skills.

But I don’t need science for that. It’s a fact that if you throw the ball once without experience. It can hit or it can miss. If you throw 100 times I would be surprised if you wouldn’t improve.

If you throw 10000 times you will be a lot better. Talent, skill and experience play a role in this, but you will get better. .. Or you may find a new way to do it.

Success has no rules. Perhaps you realize that you can move closer to the basket and you can drop the ball directly in to it.

Every throw you do, improves your skills, gives you more experience and moves you closer to your target. When you throw the ball you will learn what kind of throws are useless and what you should not do.

And the fact is that if you don’t throw the ball. It’ll never go to the basket!

You don’t learn if you don’t do. You don’t gain experience. You don’t move forward.

That’s exactly what I believe success is. It’s just huge pile of actions that move you forward. Some day you have done right number of actions and you are successful.

I know that I’ll now receive comment or email saying that the number of actions does not work, if you do wrong actions. That’s exactly true! But you are not stupid.

If you do ten actions. You will learn what actions out of those ten worked, and which were complete failures. You would be stupid to repeat the failures you have done. Next time you will do more those actions that work, and try again few new ones.

Success is a lot of actions. And a lot of actions is a lot of work. And you don’t know when that work pays off.

You don’t know how long it’s going to take. It’s a factor of many things. Even some luck is involved. Do you find the right things and how much time you’ll use for your actions.

“I don’t have time”, is just an excuse, like I wrote before, if you decide to throw the ball every day once, you have a better possibility to hit the basket than if you would not throw the ball at all.


  • Jack Peterson

    Another great post. I have really been trying to make an effort to make time for the things that really matter to me. The goals that if accomplished could really change my life. I’ve found that planning my week out with the apollo planner on Sunday mornings at my kitchen table really helps. You have to make time for those “10,000 throws”! Thanks again.

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