Leadership, life and productivity – Why you need all three?


I have picked three topics to this blog : Leadership, life and productivity.

Why these three topics? Because they belong to the same basket.

I want to detach leadership from its traditional context. Leadership is everywhere and anyone can have it.

Without any kind of leadership you can’t excel your life. You just can’t. If you don’t have the leadership, others will eat your life and suck it from you. Even if you are not leader by position, you can have the leadership and lots of it and you should.

If you don’t have a life, you can’t have the leadership. If your life is not in shape, you wont become good leader. You need a life to be superior in a leadership, to understand the different sides of life.

You need leadership, your own and your leaders, to become productive. It needs a lot of leadership and courage to pick right things to do and answer NO to all requests you will receive.

You need productivity to be awesome in your life. You need to keep your lifes strings in your hands. By productivity I don’t mean you should do more. Productivity means to me that you will do things that matter.

In this blog I will give you everything I know, everything I find, everything I learn and everything I experience in productivity, leadership and life.

With that information you can become better in productivity, leadership and life. If you will become better, I know I will as well. That is why I blog.


Photo Credit Flickr Paul Bica

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