Little bird tweeting in a box. My twitter rules.

Little bird tweeting in a box. My twitter rules.I am relatively new in Twitter world. There are several occasions when I have used Twitter as my main source of news, but I have not tweeted or used it daily like I do today. How you should behave in Twitter?

I am probably still in my Twitter honeymoon, but I am starting to find patterns.

I have read several articles about Twitter etiquette. What is good, what is bad and how you should behave in twittersphere.

What is said in most Twitter etiquette posts and articles:

1. Twitter automation is publicly considered to be bad
2. Direct messages are not accepted
3. You should produce value with your tweets
4. You should follow back people that follow you

What I have found in real life:

1. Almost all heavy users use automation
2. Automated direct messages are used widely
3. Not many people produce value in Twitter
4. Automated quotes are somehow accepted part of automation.

I like quotes, but having 200 people in your follow list and all of them send automated quotes of wisdom is weird. But I understand why they do it, since..

5. You need to tweet constantly to get more followers

Tweeting quotes automatically is a way to fill your Twitter feed. If you have nothing to say, it is easy to feed quotes.

6. Spam is everywhere. Also Twitter has spam users. Beware.

Spam is disgusting. Before blogging I did not even know that there is comment spam and twitter spam. It seems spam is everywhere.

So, like always, I have created my own rules:

1. I will always follow back real people and real business if tweets are not made only by bot
2. I will later unfollow people and businesses who turn out not to bring me any value
3. I will never use automation for direct messages
4. I will use Tweetily to post some of my posts daily to the Twitter world.
5. I will only share posts or news that I find great


What are your rules?


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