My Productivity Manifesto

This is start of my productivity manifesto. I already created a list of life lessons.

This is a list of productivity principles. If the previous list was list of items I believe in life, this list is list of items I believe in productivity.

I am strong believer of small actions. When you do something small, it generates something else and it generates something else.

You need to focus, you need to finish what you start and to make it happen you need to do small things. Smaller pieces you can do, more you will achieve.

Many of these things are obvious, but it is obvious that people don’t do the obvious.

 productivity manifesto

Productivity principles. My productivity manifesto:


1. Nothing will happen if you wont start.

2. Always finish what you start.

3. Well planned is NOT half done. It is not even started.

4. Pick your task.

5. Focus.

6. There is no other priority than your stress.

7. Talking is the biggest time waster.

8. Only visible things are worth doing.

9. Only small things get done. Split everything.

10. Simplify everything.

11. Just do it. Don’t talk.

12. There is no better productivity system than you.

13. Perfect is enemy of done.

14. Perfect is not opposite of badly done.


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  • Amy Young Miller

    Very insightful, Rami!! I love a lot of the items on your list. I love “Just do it. Don’t talk.” I should write that on my forehead.

    • Rami Rantala

      Thanks. If you write it to your forehead, remember to write it mirrored. Otherwise it is difficult for you to read it 😉

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