New Road to Success is Flat Organization

If you have not heard anything about Supercell you have lived in vacuum. Forget Rovio and Angry Birds. Supercell is new eagle in the sky.

Supercell is the new comet in startup scene and in gaming. Supercell has exploded the definition of profitable company and is making new records every month. Supercell is the maker of Clash of Clans and Hay Day. Both are games for iOS.

ilkka paananen

Ilkka Paananen CEO of Supercell

Daily profit of one million with flat organization

Companies get attention when they make a lot of money or when they have other huge figures like users and subscribers. Supercell makes profit of over one million dollars every day. It has earned all the attention it gets.

Money or profit is not the most interesting thing. It is interesting that Supercell has completely flat organization. They have the CEO who does mainly recruiting. The responsibility of the work is in the teams and the teams have free hands.

CEO Ilkka Paananen says that his work is to find best people and then let them to do the work. Why micro manage people who know what they do. When you have no structures, you will make more mistakes, but you need to detect them and act quickly. Supercell has dropped more games than it has published. When they drop games or game projects they drink champagne. When they publish, they drink beer.

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Supercell, like many other successful companies, have done it right from the beginning. When you recruit right people, it is easier to give them freedom and responsibility. Empowering people and giving them responsibility is right thing to do. People need to feel proud of their work and you need to make it possible.

There is no better way to have efficient teams and good quality than to teach your employees be proud of what they do.

If you are not truly responsible of the quality of your work – how can you be proud of it?

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