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Interview is not an interrogation

I had an interview. I interviewed a person for a job. The guy was nice. He was polite, calm, altogether he was a person that I could like. but his experience was really bad. And that wasn’t everything. He wasn’t able to bring the best out of his bad experience. It seemed that he

Life you’ve chosen – 200 miles from nearest town (VIDEO)

You choose what you do with your life. Tinja lives 180 miles (289km) from nearest Town. He has chosen the life she has. Read more in Arctic Love.

Mika Häkkinen knows how to win (VIDEO)

Mika Häkkinen knows how to win. I’m surprised that he can put his wisdom in to words in such an enthusiastic way. That’s why we Finns love him.

3 Tools to Achieve Perfect Product/Market Fit

This is a guest post by Sophie Knowles. Sophie is the Co-founder of PFD Pro. Marc Andreessen, one of Silicon Valley’s best-known venture capitalists, famously proclaimed, “the only thing that matters for a startup is to achieve product/market fit.” According to Andreessen, product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that

Three steps to a more productive business

My blog is centered around three areas: leadership, life and productivity. Productivity doesn’t just extend to the workplace, but to the ways in which we motivate the troops and how we try to pack every minute of every day with new experiences and ideas. In this post, I’m going to show you how these

The company that offers golden handcuffs as benefit

You’ve a job with good benefits and pretty good salary. It feels comfortable, right? I had them too. I’ve heard many times how people complain about their job.. and when I ask why don’t you change your job – the answer is that they don’t believe they would get same salary or benefits elsewhere.

Empower Your Team and Achieve Better Results

Whatever your company’s bottom line, having a staff of unhappy employees is going to hurt it. You’ve probably witnessed the result of this scenario numerous times before. Picture this – you walk into a store or restaurant and the unmistakably miserable staff is less than courteous to you and because of this, you want