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The Comfort Zone – Don’t be lizard

What is wrong being in the comfort zone?   Isn’t that what you want to achieve? The comfort zone is nice and calm place to be. No stress, just relaxed time where you spend your days.   Kind of like lizard. You will go to sleep when it gets dark and you will wake

How to sell an idea to your boss

Without great ideas, nothing will happen. How do you get your ideas accepted? How to sell an idea to your boss? We all have them – bosses and ideas and sometimes even bosses with ideas. It is difficult to produce ideas. It is difficult to make ideas happen – but before you get in

Evernote to do list – How I use Evernote

I am a big fan of Evernote. I use it every day for almost any writing purpose. I draft every single text first in Evernote and then copy and paste it to where I want it. I also have my Evernote to do list. Most of the blog posts in this blog have started

9 steps to better work motivation

I admit. I have once quitted because of the CEO. He was constantly blaming people for bad success of the company. Instead of good and simple strategy, he accused the people who worked for him. He had no answers. He had no vision, instead he complained and blamed. I was so troubled that I did

How to produce ideas – 8 tips for good ideas

This is a second post in my idea series. The first one was “9 excuses why ideas wont happen in business“. Topic for this post is How to produce ideas? Some people seem to produce ideas with constant flow. Some have always new thoughts, new ideas and they are confident that they will invent something.

9 excuses why ideas wont happen in business

  Why ideas wont happen? I have a lot of ideas. Most of them do not come true for various reasons. Making ideas to happen is not easy. You need to fight with yourself, but also with others. It is really a struggle. I have failed so many times with my ideas. You are

Why I started my productivity blog

The most successful bloggers advice – make your blog personal, if you want to succeed. Being personal is not my natural style. I don’t like to emphasize myself or be the center of everything. I still understand the need. In order you to believe what I write, it is better that you know who