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6 iOS apps that give you superpowers

Following is a Guest post from my friend Vaclav. You can find his author information under the post. Read fast like Superman Reading fast is one of the noticeable superpowers Superman has. He opened the book and flipped through it with light speed knowing everything what’s written in it. Speed reading is actually a

You are just 10000 throws away from your success

The question that is asked of me the most is how do I have time for all the things I do. “You have four kids and you have a house. How you can do blogging, websites, webstores etc.” So, how do I have time for all that? If you were to ask my wife, she would

How to handle feedback Honey Maid way (VIDEO)

Ok, it’s Honey Maid. And it’s advertisement, BUT it made me think about negative feedback.  This video is a great example of two things. How to handle negative feedback with calm and positive way. ….and  it also shows awesome and professional way to handle social media. I wouldn’t be surprised if whole thing was planned.

Work Smarter, Not Just Harder

We live in a world that likes to believe that anyone can get anywhere if they just work hard enough for it. The intern that everyone looks down on the first day on the job could, potentially, end up running the company in twenty years if he sticks with it. Surely, he’ll work his

24 observations from office life and from life in general

After almost 20 years in office life, and almost 40 years in life, here is a small part of the learnings I’ve gathered. People who make the difference create their own rules. The change does not happen by following the process. Leadership has nothing to do with title or position Wrong persons in leadership

This is everyday leadership – Wil Wheaton (VIDEO)

This is leadership. You give advise from your heart, well explained to the person who needs it. Be honest. Tell the truth. Tell what you think and show that you care.