Productivity Pig #1 : Comic strip with iPad

I have several drafts of posts under work, but for some reason they don’t seem to go forward. I took “day off” yesterday and created my first comic.

Characters are Productivity Pig, who has his own understanding of productivity and the Ant, who is the most productive insect in this planet.

I did use iPad to create this Comic Strip.

Paper by 53 is probably the best drafting app available. It does not have all the features of pro painting or drawing apps, but the simplicity and the “feeling of paper” is the best. Real artist can actually create real art with it.

For bubbles and boxes I did use Halftone 2, which is a Comic creation app. You can include your own photos and add Comic styling to them.




I have several ideas for new strips, so if you find this at all amusing or fun, please share it and comment.

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