Recap of last week: Twitter activity, e-book and social media automation

birthday cake

Today is my birthday. That is why I have added picture of my birthday cake to this post. It is time to do some recap of happenings in this blog during last week.

The best moment of the week was absolutely the mention from Bojan Djordjevic and the fact he linked my post “How 13-year-old girl defeated me in productivity” in his weekly review.

The post is about my daughter and the point is that you should not underestimate advises from anyone.

Bojan commented my post:

Amazing piece. It reflects how we can learn about productivity literally from everyone. Don’t underestimate the people.

I almost cried, since that post is true. I was so happy that someone genuinely liked the post that did come from my heart.

Bojan keeps excellent and special blog called AlphaEfficiency. I recommend that you check it! You will find link from my list of 50 productivity blogs.

My tweets were favourited few times and my twitter follower count is steadily increasing. It is now stunning 149 ;-). Nothing to compare to other productivity experts, but I am happy that it increases daily.

My follower list has only few people who I know in real life. Most of the followers are people who have found my twitter account or blog without knowing me before. Thank you for following me!

If you want to join that fine grade group of people. You can start following now Follow @RamiRantala 😉

Posts that were favourited or retweeted were :

How to improve concentration – be Usain Bolt of productivity. This post is one of my first posts ever. I did write it semi-seriously, but the point is that if you focus like Usain Bolt, you will achieve a lot.
Why aiming for perfect is far from perfect? I don’t believe in perfect. Perfect is enemy of done.

This week has been a bit slow. I did write few posts. I am happy that I was able to create my first ever book review. Well, perhaps in school when I was kid I did few mandatory book reviews.

While I was travelling in Vienna I did read book “One thing”. Go and check the review. It was really interesting book for anyone who is interested about productivity.

I am preparing my first e-book and working with personal project to create small automation that combines Twitter and Evernote. I will post later if the project turns out to be useful.

The e-book will be free for everyone who has already joined my VIP club and for anyone who will join it in the future.

Thank you!

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