Rules of efficiency

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I want to achieve two things.

  1. I want to increase efficiency in my life
  2. I want to have more smoothness in my life

If I will be better in these two topics. There will be less items in my head, I will have more free time and I will feel better.

I try to produce two lists for me. Rules of efficiency and daily routine. I want to stand fully behind my rules and follow my routine every working day.

These are my rules and thesis for being more effective. They are in random order and this list will develop.

Rules of efficiency:

1. Only visible things are worth doing.

2. Only small things get done. Split everything.

3. Stop talking.

4. Be rude to meetings and emails.

5. Simplify everything.


I will expand these rules in future blog posts. I will add, modify and possibly remove rules.

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