Say&Go – record voice notes and to-dos with reminders

Dawid Pietrala gave me a tip about an app he has developed.

I did write few weeks back post about “Unusual apps for productivity” and this app is perfect match for that category.

Dawid had the same problem as I. When he is driving or waiting in traffic Jams, he gets ideas, but it is a bit difficult to record them in a car whilst on the move. So, he needed software to record quickly his thoughts and to-dos.

The first step becoming idea mastermind, is to have the equipment to capture and record ideas when they appear. His app, called Say&Go can fill one part of this gap.

You could pick any voice recording software, but they are often complex, heavy and they are not meant for quick capturing of ideas and to-dos. Evernote has voice recording possibility, but it has the same problem. It is not that easy to just record few seconds and then continue driving, record again for a few seconds and continue driving. Say&Go is designed to be as easy as possible for quick note recordings.

In Say & Go, you can name recordings afterwards, add reminders and treat them as items in to-do list.

The main features and perhaps the difference to other recording apps are:

1. Recording starts immediately after the app is started. So, if you are in a car, just start the App and start talking

2. The App records only 4-10 seconds and then it stops. You can with a swipe double the recording time. This means that you don’t need to stop the recording. You just talk and you can put the phone away.

3. You can set reminders or even quick reminder after the recording.

4. You can share your recording via e-mail or messages (iOS 7) and save it to Dropbox

5. You can use Siri to open Say&Go and then start recording. Tried it and it really works!

In Poland the app was ranked #1 in Paid Productivity apps.

I like apps and software that surprises me with simplicity. This app did it. The app is really simple, fast and does what it is meant for.

I’m not sure, if I’ll be able to build a habit of recording notes, but definitely for those already using some voice recording software this is definitely worth a try!

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