The Comfort Zone – Don’t be lizard

The Comfort Zone Dont be lizardWhat is wrong being in the comfort zone?


Isn’t that what you want to achieve? The comfort zone is nice and calm place to be. No stress, just relaxed time where you spend your days.


Kind of like lizard. You will go to sleep when it gets dark and you will wake up when it is warm enough. Catch few flies, if they fly close to you and then sleep rest of the day in the sun.


What is wrong with that? Lizards can live like that. Why not you?


The problem being in the comfort zone is being in state where you wont learn or grow. Your mind starts to shrink and you will become smaller. When you become smaller, your view of the world shrinks as well – and your ability to handle difficult situations fades away .. and if you grow smaller, your stress does not. It stays the same.


Being constantly out of the comfort zones makes you bigger. You will learn, grow and your mind will do the same. You will be more capable of handling problems. You will eventually be greater than your stress.


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