Think big things. Do small things.

 Think big. Do small.

You’ve got to think about the big things, while you are doing the small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction – Alvin Toffler

That is so right. You need to set your goal and vision what you want to achieve. Where you want to be and then start doing actions.

If you do small things, it is easy to move the direction, if your actions fail.

If you don’t have actions. Nothing will happen. If you don’t set your goal and set your mind to specific results. You will do a lot, but never reach what you want.

It is like staring your blog stats, without posting anything. They might get better while watching, but it is due to the things you have done before. If you watch too long, your stats will go down.

If you think that you are stuck with your work, career or your life. Nothing happens if you just think. You need to start building your future. It does not happen now, but if you think big things and do small things you will become closer what you want.

While I have feelings of being stuck, it is partly because I forget to act and do my choices and partly because I have not made myself clear what I really want.

If you are now stuck, it does not mean you are stuck forever – but you will be if you don’t act.

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  • Li Bouc

    Fantastic advice! Similar messages today. Focus on the end result to move now or face the finality of failure. So agree!

  • Nancy Norbeck

    The other great thing about small steps, from a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching perspective, is that if you make them small enough, they can’t intimidate or overwhelm you into not doing them. Spending five minutes just sitting at your desk may seem like a waste of time, but if you’ve been afraid to dig into a big project at your desk and haven’t even gone into the same room with it for weeks, those five minutes are a huge step in the right direction.

    The joy of very small steps is that they’re so incredibly easy that the idea of not being able to do them is just ridiculous…so you do. And then you do a little more, and a little more…and without realizing it, you get into a groove that gets you all the way to the finish line.

    • Rami Rantala

      That is very true. The feeling of finishing something is great. And with small tasks you get that feeling more often 😉

  • Beth Soler

    Very very true statement and one that I say all the time to people. You have to work and take steps to get what you want and where you want to be. If you don’t do anything then nothing will happen.

  • PeggyLee Hanson

    I like to say small steps reap big rewards. Any step no matter the size is important to getting unstuck, to moving forward toward your goal or dream. I can’t think of any project that doesn’t involve steps of some sort. In peeling an onion, you must first get a onion. If you make an omelet, you must first get the eggs. I like your think-big-do-small-things adage, enjoying this post very much.

    • Rami Rantala

      Thank you for the good feedback. Before publishing the post I felt a bit hesitant – but I decided to take small step. 😉

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