Three Different Solutions to Three Different Problems

idea-lampI love problems and I love solutions. I guess you need to love both to love the other.

I am really a fan of solutions. It does not matter in which area of business the ideas and solutions are. Or if someone builds or fixes something in their home with a creative way.

My father-in-law is genius in fixing things with creative ways. He can fix almost anything, if he has time to do it.

His neighbour is dentist and one day the dentist was in trouble. His dental drill had broken and the service guy or spare part would arrive next week. Which would mean loss of income for the week.

Since he knew my father-in-law, the drill was fixed within an hour with spare parts from his garage.

The spare part would cost hundreds of dollars, but this service did not cost a dime, instead it gave very affordable dentist visits to my father-in-law for the foreseeing future.

That kind of fixing attitude is awesome. You see a problem and you always know that there is a solution to it if you give time and thought to it.

Here are three completely different kind of problems and solutions in different areas of life.

1. Help for exercising.

Jason Soo has created an app to offer customised exercises for people and to give facts to the researches to learn more about health and exercising.

The project has started from his PhD and it has grown to be what it is now. He is now searching for funding.

We don’t yet know how successful the project will be, but he is on track for a solution and help for bigger group of people.

Read more from his project in kickstarter or from Repperapp page.

2. Injectable oxygen

When Dr. John Kheir of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Boston, did see nine months old girl die, because she could not breath with lounges full of blood, he decided to find a solution to the problem.

If the oxygen could be injected to the body with some other way than through the lounges, it would save lives, so he and his team came up with injectable oxygen.

I have been in same situation with my girl, when she was six months old. My girl did survive, but Dr. John Kheir’s invention would probably made her life easier when she was sick and in hospital.

Injectable oxygen – something you would not believe to happen, right?

Read more from here:


3. Bottle lamp

The light can be a problem if you don’t have the electricity.

Alfredo Moser found a solution that is affordable for everyone living in poor countries. He did fill plastic bottles with water and a bit of bleach and installed them to the roof.

He has developed the idea further, made it  waterproof with sealing and improved it with a black cap.

The power of bottle lamp is about 50-60 watts.

The solution is in use in thousands of houses in poor countries.

Read more from BBC news.

Are you thinking why I share this?

If these three gentlemen would have accepted things like they are, like many of us do, there would not be these inventions or solutions that help a lot of people.

No matter if the topic is leadership, life or productivity. You can’t accept things like they are. You always need to find a solution to the problems.

Nothing is meant to be like it is. It is meant to be better.

That is how you take the leadership, you will take your life and you will reach productivity.


Photo credit Flickr and Qisur

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