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3 Tools to Achieve Perfect Product/Market Fit

This is a guest post by Sophie Knowles. Sophie is the Co-founder of PFD Pro. Marc Andreessen, one of Silicon Valley’s best-known venture capitalists, famously proclaimed, “the only thing that matters for a startup is to achieve product/market fit.” According to Andreessen, product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that

6 iOS apps that give you superpowers

Following is a Guest post from my friend Vaclav. You can find his author information under the post. Read fast like Superman Reading fast is one of the noticeable superpowers Superman has. He opened the book and flipped through it with light speed knowing everything what’s written in it. Speed reading is actually a

Four Mobile Apps That Are Ruining Your Productivity

Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices are excellent for those times when you’re on the go. You can stay connected with friends, family and the rest of the world through just a few simple apps. While there are plenty of apps that increase productivity and make you more efficient, there are just as many that

Allthings will keep all your things in order

If you’re fan of lists or searching for a new task-management app with sharing capabilities, you should definitely check out Allthings. Allthings is a feature rich app and a service for lists. Allthings is marketed as a list application, but it resembles many of the task or to-do apps available in the market today. However

Say&Go – record voice notes and to-dos with reminders

Dawid Pietrala gave me a tip about an app he has developed. I did write few weeks back post about “Unusual apps for productivity” and this app is perfect match for that category. Dawid had the same problem as I. When he is driving or waiting in traffic Jams, he gets ideas, but it

Calendars 5 – will the App Melt the Heart of non Calendar User

I have to reveal one secret. I have not used calendar app on my phone for years. How do I remember all my meetings and other things? I just remember 😉 I don’t have a lot of meetings, due to my aggressive neglecting of meetings and since I live one task and one event

Free your mind – mind mapping with Mindmup

If you are a friend of Mindmaps or you need to create simple flowcharts – try Mindmup. Mindmup is a browser-based cloud service. You can use it to create simple mind maps with ease. I had need for a flowchart to describe simple idea. Instead of starting to use the standard tools, I googled