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Leanpub has my first e-book

I did publish my first e-book yesterday in Leanpub. The book is heavily based on my blog posts and it introduces the idea of Daily Productivity Habit, which you have hopefully seen here already. Leanpub is a bit unknown book publishing platform that allows anyone to publish e-books with ease. … In Leanpub you can

Are you using these life changer apps?

Some apps change your life. I have found these apps and services to be life changers.   Dropbox (   Everyone is using Dropbox, right? I find it easiest way to have documents and sometimes photos available in all my devices. I even have temporary folder in Dropbox. When I download something from the

Have you tried these unusual apps for productivity?

If you are productivity app addict you have already tried most of the to-do apps. However, there are other perhaps bit unusual apps for boosting your productivity or helping you to reach your goals. I have picked four for this post. Say&Go Say & Go is a to-do app with voice recording. I have

Elephant Problem. Notes Missing from Evernote.

I had few days back scary moment with Evernote. I was commuting to work like every day and had planned to use the commuting time to write or at least draft new posts to this blog. I have written a post how to blog while commuting about that. I use Evernote in my iPad when

How to create a blog while commuting

Better Productivity blog has started in a train while I was commuting. I wrote first to clear my mind. It took several months until I realized that I could start publishing my writings and I was able to create my first blog in I named the blog as Commuting Time. Time passed and

Evernote to do list – How I use Evernote

I am a big fan of Evernote. I use it every day for almost any writing purpose. I draft every single text first in Evernote and then copy and paste it to where I want it. I also have my Evernote to do list. Most of the blog posts in this blog have started

Stay focused with stayfocusd

Stayfocusd is one of the tools that will change your life. You might have read my post “Kill your habits and have more time. Stop reading news“. My habit was reading dull news. When I did go to news site, I knew it is not going to do any good for me, but still
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