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I can fly!

I am surprised that I did it again….. I’ve signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This is my third time. I didn’t plan to do it, but I’ve done it anyway! In the UBC, the challenge is to write one blog post every single day in October. I’ve not checked how many days there are in October,

Leanpub has my first e-book

I did publish my first e-book yesterday in Leanpub. The book is heavily based on my blog posts and it introduces the idea of Daily Productivity Habit, which you have hopefully seen here already. Leanpub is a bit unknown book publishing platform that allows anyone to publish e-books with ease. … In Leanpub you can

I did it! I did write 31 blog posts in 31 days!

I did it! I did write 31 blog posts in 31 days! Like I wrote in this post, I did take part UBC and tested my strengths and capabilities.   What I have learned:   If I would do this full-time. It would be easy to write two blog posts per day More you

How to write one or two posts every single day

I have participated Ultimate Blog Challenge in July. In UBC challenge your goal is to write one blog post every day. You don’t need to write them daily. You can write them before and schedule them, or if you miss days, you can write more posts on other day. This time I was hesitating

I am in Google’s first page. How did I do it?

When I started this blog I had same problem than everyone else. How do I make Google to find my blog and rank it so that it is visible. I have read thousands of posts about SEO and I did get exhausted 😉 I am not putting much work on SEO anymore. Pro-bloggers probably

Homemade Twitter automation with Evernote

My Twitter follower count has increased a lot in last two months and it is increasing every day. I don’t have huge follower base, but I feel confused while managing my followers and who I have followed. There are several Twitter automation tools available that do different kind of automation routines. Most of them

Little bird tweeting in a box. My twitter rules.

I am relatively new in Twitter world. There are several occasions when I have used Twitter as my main source of news, but I have not tweeted or used it daily like I do today. How you should behave in Twitter? I am probably still in my Twitter honeymoon, but I am starting to