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Get a Life by Nicholas Bate

I recently read "Get A Life. Setting your 'life compass' for success" by Nicholas Bate The book has the main idea of defining "life compass" for all areas of life ..

Leanpub has my first e-book

I did publish my first e-book yesterday in Leanpub. The book is heavily based on my blog posts and it introduces the idea of Daily Productivity Habit, which you have hopefully seen here already. Leanpub is a bit unknown book publishing platform that allows anyone to publish e-books with ease. … In Leanpub you can

Book Review : The One Thing: The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results

I am bit embarrassed to tell you that I am not really good book reader. I don’t read much books and when I do, it takes long time to finish them. I had the possibility to read “the ONE thing: the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results“. Despite being lousy book reader I did