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Is it possible to find completely stress-free job?

Do you know what my husband does for work?” she said. “He’s a military surgeon. He sees people die. Every single day. That is what I try to remember. There are no casualties in my work. Read In Desperate Pursuit of the Zero-Stress Job

Have nothing in your CV? Try adding failures.

Princeton professor Johannes Haushofer did create CV of failures and published it on Twitter. New "publication": My CV of Failures! — Johannes Haushofer (@jhaushofer) April 23, 2016 I’ve seen a lot of CVs and I can tell you most of them are really bad. I previously wrote that you should prepare a story

Keep looking if your heart does not sing

David Pullara wrote linkedin post explaining why he left Google. It can happen that you work for excellent company, with excellent people and you love the company you work for – but if your heart doesn’t sing – you need to keep looking. It’s better to keep looking, than spend 8 hours per day

Interview is not an interrogation

I had an interview. I interviewed a person for a job. The guy was nice. He was polite, calm, altogether he was a person that I could like. but his experience was really bad. And that wasn’t everything. He wasn’t able to bring the best out of his bad experience. It seemed that he

The company that offers golden handcuffs as benefit

You’ve a job with good benefits and pretty good salary. It feels comfortable, right? I had them too. I’ve heard many times how people complain about their job.. and when I ask why don’t you change your job – the answer is that they don’t believe they would get same salary or benefits elsewhere.

I am an Intrapreneur

I found this post from this week. I don’t know if it is first time ever word Intrapreneur is used, but I am already in love with the word. Intrapreneur is pretty much what I believe in and what kind of attitude I have tried to adopt in my work. I just did

Are You Desperate and Stuck in Corporate Life?

Are you feeling down and unmotivated? Are you thinking that whole company has gone crazy and you are struggling to survive day by day. Does it feel that the management does rarely good decisions and you always suffer from their decisions. Or perhaps you feel stuck? Even if you would not feel that bad,