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Best answer to question: How to create company culture

I think Tanmay Vora has so far the best answer to question: How to create company culture? Organization culture is a reflection

Easiest way to live your life

When I started blogging and tweeting I was worried “what people will think” Then I did get back to my own thoughts. It does not matter what others think. I am not building picture of me that is NOT me. Everything I tweet or blog is me. It is how I think, it is

4 Reasons Why You Should Empower People

I believe that the key to success of any company is the empowerment of the people. This post will tell you four reasons why you should empower people. I work with software development. I lead team that develops tools, automation and ways to implement and release software more rapidly. Last weeks I have pitched

New Road to Success is Flat Organization

If you have not heard anything about Supercell you have lived in vacuum. Forget Rovio and Angry Birds. Supercell is new eagle in the sky. Supercell is the new comet in startup scene and in gaming. Supercell has exploded the definition of profitable company and is making new records every month. Supercell is the

Conflicts at work – You need them more than you know

There are people who search for conflicts and people who avoid them, but we all need conflicts at work. Without conflicts, there is no change. Without disagreements there are no different paths to choose. By nature we try to avoid conflicts. We tend to choose easy paths and stay where we are. We feel

Happiness at work does not increase productivity

Your happiness at work is a combination of four factors. Hygiene Happiness Satisfaction Fulfillment. Typical hygiene factors are salary, benefits, office, how your boss and your company treat you. Happiness factors are the people you work with, general atmosphere in the company, events the company arranges, what kind of happy stuff your company has

Company values are reason to fire and hire

You might heard of company called Zappos. Zappos sells shoes (and actually a lot more) – but the CEO and founder Tony Hsieh says Zappos is Customer service company that just happens to sell shoes. Shoes or not, Zappos has become legend in company culture and as value based company. Company values play an