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How to build Daily Productivity Habits?

Habits are difficult. Specially productivity habits. When I created Daily productivity habit form, I wanted it to be clear and simple so that using it would not get in the way of building your habit. You can have any tools, to-do lists or even my DPH form, but where you will fail is a

Daily Productivity Habit Form: How to handle interruptions and incoming items

Previously I did introduce simple daily productivity habit form and User Guide for it. The idea of the form is to help you to focus daily to your big goals. Same time I announced that I won’t keep any kind of to-do list anymore. The question is if you don’t have backlog or to-do

User Guide for the Daily Productivity Habit Form

I have published Daily Productivity Habit form to help you to reach your goals.  I have designed it for the better  focus. This is the User Guide for the form, but also explains why there are certain fields and boxes and what is the thinking behind them. 1. Date and Calendar bookings First row includes

Daily Productivity Habit Form to help you to reach your goals

My previous post was about the decision to get rid of my to-do list completely. It is not the list itself that is the target of my attack, rather everything that happens around the list and how we use the list to avoid the tasks that we don’t find that interesting. For some of

How to finally get rid of your to-do list? The dead of to-do list.

What I am going to write now is probably something that productivity business owners won’t share. I have lost my faith to to-do lists. ..and I am going to drop my list completely. There must be a completely different approach to productivity. There must be something else than to-do lists, projects and deadlines. There