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How to convince your co-workers?

Sometimes you would like to do things completely different way than your co-workers, but they don’t believe you or are not willing to take the change. What do you do then? You can try to convince others – and you should briefly, but don’t take it personally if they don’t accept your way. It’s

How to handle feedback Honey Maid way (VIDEO)

Ok, it’s Honey Maid. And it’s advertisement, BUT it made me think about negative feedback.  This video is a great example of two things. How to handle negative feedback with calm and positive way. ….and  it also shows awesome and professional way to handle social media. I wouldn’t be surprised if whole thing was planned.

Hate Ideas and Love Execution

When companies are in planning phase, there is a lot of discussion and a lot of debate. New ideas are coming up and everyone seems to know what is the most important thing for the company. There is a lot of energy. .. but all that energy does not necessarily channel to the right

How to sell an idea to your boss

Without great ideas, nothing will happen. How do you get your ideas accepted? How to sell an idea to your boss? We all have them – bosses and ideas and sometimes even bosses with ideas. It is difficult to produce ideas. It is difficult to make ideas happen – but before you get in

How to produce ideas – 8 tips for good ideas

This is a second post in my idea series. The first one was “9 excuses why ideas wont happen in business“. Topic for this post is How to produce ideas? Some people seem to produce ideas with constant flow. Some have always new thoughts, new ideas and they are confident that they will invent something.

9 excuses why ideas wont happen in business

  Why ideas wont happen? I have a lot of ideas. Most of them do not come true for various reasons. Making ideas to happen is not easy. You need to fight with yourself, but also with others. It is really a struggle. I have failed so many times with my ideas. You are