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Mika Häkkinen knows how to win (VIDEO)

Mika Häkkinen knows how to win. I’m surprised that he can put his wisdom in to words in such an enthusiastic way. That’s why we Finns love him.

This is everyday leadership – Wil Wheaton (VIDEO)

This is leadership. You give advise from your heart, well explained to the person who needs it. Be honest. Tell the truth. Tell what you think and show that you care.  

Do you have the leadership blindness or is your leadership fake?

I know a lot of managers that are extremely busy. Their calendars are full of meetings and to everyone else it looks like they are flat out all the time. Busyness is truly visible. The busy people are career people and it’s clear they make sure everyone knows how busy they are. When I look

Trust is a Luxury (Video)

Trust is a difficult thing. It’s difficult to build, but it’s difficult to receive as well. I’ve written about trust before in my post How to build trust and credibility , but I can honestly say that I wasn’t able to catch it so well and impressive way than this video. Trust is a luxury!

It’s ok to Feel Low.

In my blog I write about topics based around Productivity, Motivation, Leadership and How to gain control of your life. I’m teaching and writing, but I’m not claiming that I’m mastering everything in my topics. I’ve failed many times, but when I fail I’ve learned to stop. It’s time to stop when you recognise something in you that

Improvisation and Life. Why you should improvise rather than plan.

When I was young and wild – or at least young, I had a joke with my friend, which we often repeated when we were out adventuring in “the night life.” -Let’s put plan A in to use -What if it does not work? -Let’s try plan B then. -What is that? -There is no

What did I think today? Recruiting.

When I have been in job interviews, these questions have never been asked .. Are you productive? Are you hardworking and diligent? Do you ever finish anything?   To be honest, when I have interviewed people, I may have forgotten to ask those questions too. It doesn’t matter how talented, experienced or skilful you