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Keep looking if your heart does not sing

David Pullara wrote linkedin post explaining why he left Google. It can happen that you work for excellent company, with excellent people and you love the company you work for – but if your heart doesn’t sing – you need to keep looking. It’s better to keep looking, than spend 8 hours per day

Life you’ve chosen – 200 miles from nearest town (VIDEO)

You choose what you do with your life. Tinja lives 180 miles (289km) from nearest Town. He has chosen the life she has. Read more in Arctic Love.

Exactly what life is..

I did quit my job – what a relief

the feeling you get when you realize that you’re not doomed to eternal misery after all — Urban Dictionary So, I did quit. I did quit my job. What a relief. It’s interesting how colleagues react. Some of them were scared. I saw panic in their eyes. I don’t know what it means. Are they

24 observations from office life and from life in general

After almost 20 years in office life, and almost 40 years in life, here is a small part of the learnings I’ve gathered. People who make the difference create their own rules. The change does not happen by following the process. Leadership has nothing to do with title or position Wrong persons in leadership

Trust is a Luxury (Video)

Trust is a difficult thing. It’s difficult to build, but it’s difficult to receive as well. I’ve written about trust before in my post How to build trust and credibility , but I can honestly say that I wasn’t able to catch it so well and impressive way than this video. Trust is a luxury!