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How to have vacation mood all year around?

I recently had a discussion with my boss about my vacation. Don’t get me wrong it is nice to have the vacation, but I don’t have any urge or big relief when I go to vacation. There is no need to escape from my work. Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe

How to have job of your dreams?

I have lost interest to my career and started to be interested about my job. Career or job – what is the difference? Career is the ladders where you advance. You will get promotions, bigger responsibility, more people who work for you – you become big boss or manager. Your friends will say “he

Happiness at work does not increase productivity

Your happiness at work is a combination of four factors. Hygiene Happiness Satisfaction Fulfillment. Typical hygiene factors are salary, benefits, office, how your boss and your company treat you. Happiness factors are the people you work with, general atmosphere in the company, events the company arranges, what kind of happy stuff your company has

If Bruce Lee would live he would be productivity blog blogger

Every motivational speaker, productivity blog blogger should know Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is the biggest motivational philosopher that has ever existed and he also did get things done.   I have T-shirt with text “Truth is beyond all fixed patterns.” with picture of Bruce Lee and bloody scratch marks. When I wear that shirt

9 steps to better work motivation

I admit. I have once quitted because of the CEO. He was constantly blaming people for bad success of the company. Instead of good and simple strategy, he accused the people who worked for him. He had no answers. He had no vision, instead he complained and blamed. I was so troubled that I did

Have no excuse – Can’t is no excuse (VIDEO)

  Have no excuse and boost your performance. We all make excuses. Have no excuse and you will be the king of productivity. I can’t do it because, I don’t know how – then find out! I can’t do it because, I have never done it – there is always the first time! I