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I did quit my job – what a relief

the feeling you get when you realize that you’re not doomed to eternal misery after all — Urban Dictionary So, I did quit. I did quit my job. What a relief. It’s interesting how colleagues react. Some of them were scared. I saw panic in their eyes. I don’t know what it means. Are they

I can fly!

I am surprised that I did it again….. I’ve signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This is my third time. I didn’t plan to do it, but I’ve done it anyway! In the UBC, the challenge is to write one blog post every single day in October. I’ve not checked how many days there are in October,

Leadership, life and productivity – Why you need all three?

I have picked three topics to this blog : Leadership, life and productivity. Why these three topics? Because they belong to the same basket. I want to detach leadership from its traditional context. Leadership is everywhere and anyone can have it. Without any kind of leadership you can’t excel your life. You just can’t.

I did it! I did write 31 blog posts in 31 days!

I did it! I did write 31 blog posts in 31 days! Like I wrote in this post, I did take part UBC and tested my strengths and capabilities.   What I have learned:   If I would do this full-time. It would be easy to write two blog posts per day More you

How to have perfect vacation

I did travel to Turkey last week with whole family to have sunny holiday. (Turkey is the country that needs to be written with capital T, otherwise it is well-known bird). Turkey is really beautiful country with kind people who are proud of their country. I have hard time to “relax” and have vacation,

Recap of last week: Twitter activity, e-book and social media automation

Today is my birthday. That is why I have added picture of my birthday cake to this post. It is time to do some recap of happenings in this blog during last week. The best moment of the week was absolutely the mention from Bojan Djordjevic and the fact he linked my post “How 13-year-old girl

Two ways to use post-its. How empty post-its help me to remember

This time more casual and down to earth approach to productivity from every day life. I am not fan of post-its or paper notebooks and I am heavy user of Evernote like mentioned before. You just can’t avoid post-its, even if you would like to do so. … The problem with software to-do-lists and