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How HR Systems Help With Productivity

This is a collaborative post from Barry Chignell. For many businesses, looking after their workforce is time consuming. However, it is very important for a company to take care of their staff. Without a good workforce, your firm would be lost. One of the biggest assets a company has is its personnel. Finding and

There are no good meetings.

I’ve been in meetings which have drove me crazy – close to suicide. I’ve been in meetings where most of the people present do not understand anything about the topics or talks that are being held, but still it does not prevent them to be talking or spending time in the meeting. I was

You are just 10000 throws away from your success

The question that is asked of me the most is how do I have time for all the things I do. “You have four kids and you have a house. How you can do blogging, websites, webstores etc.” So, how do I have time for all that? If you were to ask my wife, she would

Work Smarter, Not Just Harder

We live in a world that likes to believe that anyone can get anywhere if they just work hard enough for it. The intern that everyone looks down on the first day on the job could, potentially, end up running the company in twenty years if he sticks with it. Surely, he’ll work his

24 observations from office life and from life in general

After almost 20 years in office life, and almost 40 years in life, here is a small part of the learnings I’ve gathered. People who make the difference create their own rules. The change does not happen by following the process. Leadership has nothing to do with title or position Wrong persons in leadership

Four Mobile Apps That Are Ruining Your Productivity

Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices are excellent for those times when you’re on the go. You can stay connected with friends, family and the rest of the world through just a few simple apps. While there are plenty of apps that increase productivity and make you more efficient, there are just as many that

50+ productivity blogs

I tried to find up-to-date list of productivity blogs and I could find few old lists with links to 404 pages or blogs which had updates several months or years back. Here is my fix for the problem. I must admit that recently there’ve been months that I’ve not updated the list. I did