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10 Ways to Get Your Boss to Notice You

“It’s all about who you know.” You’ve probably heard this phrase used to help someone find a house, or a car or a job, and it’s an extremely truthful statement: there’s nothing more important in life than the relationships you share with others. This, of course, extends into the workplace. (See how we mentioned

Hate Ideas and Love Execution

When companies are in planning phase, there is a lot of discussion and a lot of debate. New ideas are coming up and everyone seems to know what is the most important thing for the company. There is a lot of energy. .. but all that energy does not necessarily channel to the right

10 Productivity Myths

Productivity, in a nutshell, is merely the act of producing or creating. This can range from cooking and cleaning in your own household to completing numerous marketing campaigns for your company’s top clients. In either case, simply getting yourself to the point where you are operating at your most productive and efficient levels can

7 Steps To Get Control Of Your Time and Your Life

This post is a guest Post from Steve Spring. Steve Spring is the author of Live Your Life On Purpose. You can find his full bio after the post. Are you swamped with both personal and professional responsibilities? Do you have a list of projects that you can’t seem to complete? Does it seem

Allthings will keep all your things in order

If you’re fan of lists or searching for a new task-management app with sharing capabilities, you should definitely check out Allthings. Allthings is a feature rich app and a service for lists. Allthings is marketed as a list application, but it resembles many of the task or to-do apps available in the market today. However

What did I think today? Recruiting.

When I have been in job interviews, these questions have never been asked .. Are you productive? Are you hardworking and diligent? Do you ever finish anything?   To be honest, when I have interviewed people, I may have forgotten to ask those questions too. It doesn’t matter how talented, experienced or skilful you

How to become Stress-free Productivity Superhero

If you did click this because of the headline. I’ll reveal one secret to you. Superman has a lot of stress. I know he has. He has all the things in the world to protect and he is alone. It won’t be easy and it’s tough job to be done. And you know what?