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How to Keep Your To-do list Clean

If you have not started to use my Daily Productivity Habit form, then you need to maintain your to-do list some other way. One way to keep your to-do list clean is to limit how many tasks you take in. Instead of adding everything on your list, you can leave them out. Is it

6 unexpected research findings in productivity research

  Research finds and tries to find productivity improvements from different places. Here you can find six different findings related to productivity. 1. Internet temptation at work lowers employee productivity Surfing the Internet wastes time reserved for your employer, but according to research forbidding it reduces it more. If the usage of internet is

Are you using these life changer apps?

Some apps change your life. I have found these apps and services to be life changers.   Dropbox (   Everyone is using Dropbox, right? I find it easiest way to have documents and sometimes photos available in all my devices. I even have temporary folder in Dropbox. When I download something from the

Does your employer invest in your productivity?

What surprises me is that most companies do not really invest in personal productivity. Factories try to produce more and more, but when it comes to information workers there is rarely support from the employer to improve personal productivity. During 16 years I have never received any training, info session, help, support, advises or

Have you tried these unusual apps for productivity?

If you are productivity app addict you have already tried most of the to-do apps. However, there are other perhaps bit unusual apps for boosting your productivity or helping you to reach your goals. I have picked four for this post. Say&Go Say & Go is a to-do app with voice recording. I have

Did you know that you have extra benefit in your work?

Few days back I passed a guy who was drilling a street with jackhammer. He looked very concentrated and hard-working.   The first thought was “That guy does not think how to be productive.” He just drills and when he has drilled a hole that is big enough. He is done. I don’t think

Do you have these 20 habits of highly productive people?

I really like to work with people who move forward and do things. When you get the change to work with high achievers, you will be surprised constantly by the results they do, but also at the effect on you. You will achieve more only by working with highly productive people. Best people I have
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