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Book Review : The One Thing: The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results

I am bit embarrassed to tell you that I am not really good book reader. I don’t read much books and when I do, it takes long time to finish them. I had the possibility to read “the ONE thing: the surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results“. Despite being lousy book reader I did

Why Collaboration Kills Productivity?

Creative work needs periods of time when you can concentrate to work without interruptions. We live in work culture where interruptions are too well accepted. Since collaboration is the selected and highly accepted way to work today. It is ok to interrupt. It is socially even required that you are always available for interruptions.

What is the secret to good work-life balance?

I have all my life kept strict boundaries between work and life. My philosophy has been that boundaries make it easier to leave work behind and concentrate to other things at home.  Boundaries help you to keep the work-life balance. I am not sure anymore if it is the right way. I have started to

Two ways to use post-its. How empty post-its help me to remember

This time more casual and down to earth approach to productivity from every day life. I am not fan of post-its or paper notebooks and I am heavy user of Evernote like mentioned before. You just can’t avoid post-its, even if you would like to do so. … The problem with software to-do-lists and

Why aiming for perfect is far from perfect?

What is perfect? Have you seen it? I have never seen anything perfect. … Except when your daughter is born and you see her first time. She is perfect. Your second daughter is perfect too. Third and fourth. When your kid smiles at you. For a second the moment is perfect. .. But in

How 13-year-old girl defeated me in productivity?

What if the time management expert in your family is actually 13-year-old girl? What if she makes your complaints and busyness look ridiculous? Welcome to my life. My daughter practices rhythmic gymnastics. She is very serious, passionate and has high goals. She has exercises six to eight times a week total 20-25 hours. If you

Elephant Problem. Notes Missing from Evernote.

I had few days back scary moment with Evernote. I was commuting to work like every day and had planned to use the commuting time to write or at least draft new posts to this blog. I have written a post how to blog while commuting about that. I use Evernote in my iPad when
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