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My Productivity Manifesto

This is start of my productivity manifesto. I already created a list of life lessons. This is a list of productivity principles. If the previous list was list of items I believe in life, this list is list of items I believe in productivity. I am strong believer of small actions. When you do

Heroes, Exceptional Organizations, Ideas and Creativity, Feel Better and be Productive

Welcome to this post. I appreciate that you took time to click headline and start reading this. I hope you have browsed other posts in my blog. I am Rami and I have almost 20 years of experience from software companies. I have always been involved with improvements. I have been in position where

How to find what is important?

Sometimes in our work and in our life we have autopilot on. Sometimes the autopilot is even controlled by someone else than you. You are inside the process. Constant requests and obligations move you to a direction which is not selected by you. Productivity is not about working more. It is about working smarter.

People who do

    There are people who do. And there are people who don’t do. There are people who promise and there are people who keep their promises. There are people who say they will do. And people who do. There are people who try and fail. And people who wont try and wont fail.

Happiness at work does not increase productivity

Your happiness at work is a combination of four factors. Hygiene Happiness Satisfaction Fulfillment. Typical hygiene factors are salary, benefits, office, how your boss and your company treat you. Happiness factors are the people you work with, general atmosphere in the company, events the company arranges, what kind of happy stuff your company has


When someone fails and you get the change to say “I told you…” “I said this is going to happen..” “I knew this is going to happen…” If you catch yourself feeling like a winner, smart or anything positive in that situation – Think again. You are being a smartass. You have failed. It

How to make a presentation that shines? 6 things you should NOT do.

Do you feel nervous if you need to speak publicly? Would you like to learn how to make a presentation that shines? I can help you a bit. I had my moment last Monday. I was invited to talk about gamification to the highest management of the company including CEO. I am developing idea
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