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Just start. Don’t wait anymore.

Do you have a task or project that just wont start. You know you need to do it and it would be beneficial to do it. ..but for some reason you wont start. You will move it forward and forward. It is always in your mind, but something prevents you to start working with

8 Ways How to be a Slacker in your Team

Have you ever worked with a slacker in your team? Have you ever wondered how they are able to do it? Here is a list of 8 ways to do that. Hopefully it helps you to recognize slackers and learn how they do it. I don’t want to be one. I hate them! 1. Present always

Self doubt and five other things you should remove from your life

Being productive requires a lot more than pen and paper, to-do list or productivity system. Being productive is state of mind that requires that you are in balance with yourself and are able to remove things from life that hinder your productivity and creativity. When you feel good, you will become productive and when

16 blocks of productivity

I like action movies. And I like productivity. I don’t like violence. And I think the movies are extremely disconnected from reality. I like most of the Bruce Willis movies. Die Hard is my absolute favourite. The Last Boy Scout. 16 blocks. Steven Seagal in Under Siege and many more.  And from the other side

Think big things. Do small things.

  You’ve got to think about the big things, while you are doing the small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction – Alvin Toffler That is so right. You need to set your goal and vision what you want to achieve. Where you want to be and then

Change where you sit and be more productive

Where you sit in an office has a lot to do with your productivity. Simple moves and adjustments where you are in the room, in which room you are and to which direction you are faced in your room have surprisingly huge meaning. Few years ago I worked with a person that was a

4 everyday choices that will bring you more time

Productivity is not how much you do as much as it is what you don’t do. Ignore is important word for your personal productivity. You need to have focus and focus only on the right things.   I have done few intentional choices to give me more and better time. 1. Don’t sync email
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