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Productive people are submarines

Last week I had a quiet day in the office. I had no active projects or tasks on my list and I felt like following what is happening around me. It is easy to notice who are productive TODAY and who are not. If you follow the body language, activity in coffee machine and

My Productivity Manifesto

This is start of my productivity manifesto. I already created a list of life lessons. This is a list of productivity principles. If the previous list was list of items I believe in life, this list is list of items I believe in productivity. I am strong believer of small actions. When you do

People who do

    There are people who do. And there are people who don’t do. There are people who promise and there are people who keep their promises. There are people who say they will do. And people who do. There are people who try and fail. And people who wont try and wont fail.


When someone fails and you get the change to say “I told you…” “I said this is going to happen..” “I knew this is going to happen…” If you catch yourself feeling like a winner, smart or anything positive in that situation – Think again. You are being a smartass. You have failed. It

5 Ways How to Make Your Life Better

Growing as a person is a never-ending journey. You need to keep up your growth otherwise you will fall back. When you grow you feel better and you will become more in control. Here are five ways to support your  growth and help you to become stronger in life. How to Make Your Life

Don’t fear failure. Expect it.

When you fail, it is a black moment. Failing does not feel good. Nobody wants to fail. If you have audience, failing feels even worse. In sports failures are common. Even the best athletes fail on crucial moments. The best athletes will also recover and come back as champions. Don’t fear failure. Expect it. When

Think big things. Do small things.

  You’ve got to think about the big things, while you are doing the small things, so that all the small things go in the right direction – Alvin Toffler That is so right. You need to set your goal and vision what you want to achieve. Where you want to be and then