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Is it possible to find completely stress-free job?

Do you know what my husband does for work?” she said. “He’s a military surgeon. He sees people die. Every single day. That is what I try to remember. There are no casualties in my work. Read In Desperate Pursuit of the Zero-Stress Job

Anxiety & Stress: The Cost of Raising Productivity

The heaviest thing that a person has to carry is not the load of his work but the feeling of hopelessness that he will never get it done. When a person is overwhelmed with tasks, every process seems confusing; every little distraction becomes troubling and every action is tasking.

Burnout is not a Light Word

Burnout is a word that is often misused by people who do not know what it really means. For some it is an excuse, reason to have the extra time out and for some it is a trendy word to emphasize how hard you have worked and how efficient you are. Let me tell

How to Overcome Fear of Failure

When you fall on the street the first feeling is usually embarrassment. Embarrassment and shame will become first, even before the pain. The first reasonable thought would be to check do you have any broken bones, or did you get any scratches, but your first thought will be “did anyone see that I did

One of my favourite TED talks: Nigel Marsh (VIDEO)

I want to share with you one of my favourite TED talks. This TED talk is in top-3 of my favourite TED talks. Nigel Marsh talks about Work-Life Balance. His approach is a bit different from mine, but the talk is so heart warming and fun that it has made me to watch it several

How to avoid stress? This is how I do it.

I want to share with you one great moment of my week. I know. You should not blog about yourself. For reader engagement the most important word is you.. But I am sharing this to prove that the things I do and believe are really working and appreciated. Like I have said : “Life

Best People Become Desperate, Burnout and Quit

Sometimes I lose it. I lose it completely. I fall in to negativity. Undone business makes me desperate. I start to whine, blame and I am threatening to stop everything. Tempting idea, where I would resign, clear table and start all over again. There is some truth behind. Things, tasks and duties become too