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How to succeed by giving up first..

This article in @inc was close to how I think, but I’ve never been able to put it so nicely.. Succeeding by Giving up Thank you @TimothyAskew

You are just 10000 throws away from your success

The question that is asked of me the most is how do I have time for all the things I do. “You have four kids and you have a house. How you can do blogging, websites, webstores etc.” So, how do I have time for all that? If you were to ask my wife, she would

Why Passion is Overrated

You have probably heard many times, how you should follow your passion and everything else will follow. It is not true. If you are passionate about ants, it is highly unlike that you would become successful or rich, but you might become highly respected ant specialist.. It is great if you can follow your

From my favourite TED videos: Amanda Palmer (VIDEO)

This video has nothing to do with productivity, but it is close to other topics I have in this blog: dreams, goals, success and creativity. I really love this TED talk. It is definitely in my top-3 of TED talks.     Photo Credit Flickr and David Lindes.

How to have job of your dreams?

I have lost interest to my career and started to be interested about my job. Career or job – what is the difference? Career is the ladders where you advance. You will get promotions, bigger responsibility, more people who work for you – you become big boss or manager. Your friends will say “he

New Road to Success is Flat Organization

If you have not heard anything about Supercell you have lived in vacuum. Forget Rovio and Angry Birds. Supercell is new eagle in the sky. Supercell is the new comet in startup scene and in gaming. Supercell has exploded the definition of profitable company and is making new records every month. Supercell is the


When someone fails and you get the change to say “I told you…” “I said this is going to happen..” “I knew this is going to happen…” If you catch yourself feeling like a winner, smart or anything positive in that situation – Think again. You are being a smartass. You have failed. It