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Employee engagement – Do you know how to do it?

In old ages the people build their lives around the workplace. They did build houses close to the factory and worked for the same employer 30-50 years. Sometimes even lent money to build their house from their employer. In today’s world, people change jobs. They seek better career, challenges and places where they can

Your team member has resigned. Now what?

“I need to talk with you”, there is a different tone in the voice when person is resigning. You will recognise that in a second. As a team leader, manager or leader you sometimes face the situation that your team member resigns. It is not nice moment, specially if the person resigning is a

Why Collaboration Kills Productivity?

Creative work needs periods of time when you can concentrate to work without interruptions. We live in work culture where interruptions are too well accepted. Since collaboration is the selected and highly accepted way to work today. It is ok to interrupt. It is socially even required that you are always available for interruptions.

Easiest way to live your life

When I started blogging and tweeting I was worried “what people will think” Then I did get back to my own thoughts. It does not matter what others think. I am not building picture of me that is NOT me. Everything I tweet or blog is me. It is how I think, it is

4 Reasons Why You Should Empower People

I believe that the key to success of any company is the empowerment of the people. This post will tell you four reasons why you should empower people. I work with software development. I lead team that develops tools, automation and ways to implement and release software more rapidly. Last weeks I have pitched

Why office and family life are not that different?

  It is funny how we adults are not that different from the kids after all. The problems and situations differ but we easily behave like kids. Office behavior and problems are not that different from the problems in the kinder garden. We think we are adults, but we often end acting like kids.

8 Ways How to be a Slacker in your Team

Have you ever worked with a slacker in your team? Have you ever wondered how they are able to do it? Here is a list of 8 ways to do that. Hopefully it helps you to recognize slackers and learn how they do it. I don’t want to be one. I hate them! 1. Present always