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Mika Häkkinen knows how to win (VIDEO)

Mika Häkkinen knows how to win. I’m surprised that he can put his wisdom in to words in such an enthusiastic way. That’s why we Finns love him.

How to handle feedback Honey Maid way (VIDEO)

Ok, it’s Honey Maid. And it’s advertisement, BUT it made me think about negative feedback.  This video is a great example of two things. How to handle negative feedback with calm and positive way. ….and  it also shows awesome and professional way to handle social media. I wouldn’t be surprised if whole thing was planned.

This is everyday leadership – Wil Wheaton (VIDEO)

This is leadership. You give advise from your heart, well explained to the person who needs it. Be honest. Tell the truth. Tell what you think and show that you care.  

Which one is more Jobs? Ashton Kutcher or Steve Jobs himself? (VIDEO)

Ashton Kutcher is not my favorite actor, but I am a fan of Ashton. I have followed how he has invested successfully to great products and startups and has been able to build fortune out of the investments. He gave a stunning speech in teen choice awards. Specially thinking what is teen choice awards

How to Overcome Fear of Failure

When you fall on the street the first feeling is usually embarrassment. Embarrassment and shame will become first, even before the pain. The first reasonable thought would be to check do you have any broken bones, or did you get any scratches, but your first thought will be “did anyone see that I did

From my favourite TED videos: Amanda Palmer (VIDEO)

This video has nothing to do with productivity, but it is close to other topics I have in this blog: dreams, goals, success and creativity. I really love this TED talk. It is definitely in my top-3 of TED talks.     Photo Credit Flickr and David Lindes.

Awesome speeches from three generals (VIDEO)

I am complete pacifist and peace lover. I don’t think war or violence is ever the solution to anything. In my wildest dreams I would like to see sometimes scenario where the same amount of money that goes to wars, would be used for improving the living standard of attacked country. Anyway, I must