Two ways to use post-its. How empty post-its help me to remember

This time more casual and down to earth approach to productivity from every day life.

I am not fan of post-its or paper notebooks and I am heavy user of Evernote like mentioned before. You just can’t avoid post-its, even if you would like to do so.

The problem with software to-do-lists and task lists are that you need to open them.

Notebooks and post-its are easy, visual and you don’t need to start your PC or go to application for seeing your tasks .. or to be reminded.

I often split tasks to smaller pieces with post-its and then I just stick them on my monitor or on the desk. (The smallest post-it “page-markers” are good for this)

It is more rewarding to wrinkle the post-it after I have done the task than to cross it or delete it in application.

For tasks post-its are fine, but they are not meant for notes. Use Evernote if you want to have usable notes which are  searchable afterwards.

However, for visualizing your progress, or visualizing that you have done something post-its, are great.

When you finish your task use excessive force and collect them to done box or bowl or whatever where you can see what you have achieved.

Here is my “done box”. (It use to include peanut butter. Now it is a productivity tool)

Two ways to use post its. How empty post its help me to remember


I have really good memory and I rarely do any notes. That is what I believe at least. .. But if I need to do something before I go to work or leave somewhere I always forget to do it.

Luckily someone invented post-its. It is amazing how placing empty post-its to your outdoor helps you to remember.

I don’t write anything I just place them to our outdoor.


Two ways to use post its. How empty post its help me to remember

Do you have any “out of ordinary” ways to use post-its?

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