Why aiming for perfect is far from perfect?

perfect_is_not_doneWhat is perfect?

Have you seen it?

I have never seen anything perfect.

Except when your daughter is born and you see her first time. She is perfect. Your second daughter is perfect too. Third and fourth.

When your kid smiles at you. For a second the moment is perfect.


But in business. In work. You can always improve. You can always make more profit. There is always several ways to implement things. There is no such thing than one perfect way.

While perfect is not opposite of badly done, perfect seems to be opposite of done.

Perfect is one of the top most used excuses for not finishing something. “I need to still do this and this to finish it and then it is perfect”.

It is one of the top blockers for not releasing and finishing something.

Perfect does not equal success or more money. Vice versa. If you would implement the perfect product. What else you could sell?

Perfect is just in your own mind. When people change – perfect will change.

Perfect is NOT good goal. Goal needs to be measurable. How do you measure perfect?

You rarely hear word perfect from people who get things done. For them ultimate words are: done, finished, in use and sold.

Unfinished is not producing anything. Perfect is far from done.

New perfect is DONE.

Image courtesy of artur84 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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