Why I started my productivity blog

The most successful bloggers advice – make your blog personal, if you want to succeed.

Being personal is not my natural style. I don’t like to emphasize myself or be the center of everything. I still understand the need. In order you to believe what I write, it is better that you know who I am, why I do it and what is my background.

So, here it is.

You have probably read my About page.

I have a productivity blog, but I am not productivity hero. I am not performing every minute, every day or every hour. I still claim that I am able to do more than average people. Having family with four children itself is like running small business, although most of the credit goes to my wife who really has handled most of it.

In my about page I mention that I have changed during last two years. Why and what has happened?

My daughter has the passion in rhythmic gymnastics. If you don’t know what it is, I can say it shortly. It is really demanding form of gymnastics where gymnasts do unbelievable things with clubs, rope, hoop and ball. The gymnasts are like acrobats or circus artists and even my small girl is incredibly skillful.  She is really talented and has the cabin full of medals already. The biggest achievement is probably gold medal in Finnish championship. She participated in team in junior series.  .. And she has achieved that in five years.

So, what do you do when your daughter has bigger passion than anyone else you have met during your life?

You will support her with all the ways you think are possible.

I joined the board of gymnast club. I thought it was necessary to support coaching of my daughter and I needed to do it.

It was quite a journey for me. We found out that everything in that club was neglected. Taxes were unpaid, insurances were unpaid, pensions were unpaid, some of the salaries were unpaid. Repo was trying to get money out of the club.

In two years we turned that club to profitable and paid all the debts. But it was really heavy.

For these internet millionaires the amount debts would have been nothing, but for me, it was really cause of stress. For two years I worked almost every evening and weekend to get that club in shape.

It was not fun, but I felt I needed to do it. I would not let the mistakes made by previous board to ruin the passion of my daughter. I was not alone there. There were few incredible people who worked a lot as well – and there were a lot not so incredible people who I did not even know exist.

So there I were. Highly demanding project at work. Highly demanding spare time. ..and family life.

Why productivity blog?

I work with software automation and I am pretty good in that. It would be easy to create blog about software automation – but that is what I do during the day. I want to write something else. I don’t want to automate my life, but I want to have same feeling. Everything just works!

I started to think these productivity matters a lot while working with the sport club. I am not using any system, but many ideas and loans from other systems. At some point I realized that having systems and methods is really important for your own well-being. I understood that whole idea is to get rid of items that you keep in your head. Everything you do, should aim to remove the need for thinking undone or unclear matters, not actually produce more, that is more like side result of that.

I think whole point of everything is to get stress away. Easy answer is that don’t do anything, you wont have stress, but it does not work like that. Most people have the need to do something built inside.

I started to write in train while commuting and all of a sudden I had over 200 topics, ideas, texts in Evernote.

Most of them were somehow related to productivity. I could have chosen some other niche, since this niche has already thousand of blogs in internet – but I chose productivity blog because I wanted to.

I think productivity is fully about attitude. When I am at work, I am there to work. My good colleague once said that, he needs to work while he is sitting next to me, because I never have anything non work related on my screen. If he would not work, it would feel embarrassing.

I have met incredible people who do many things. I am sure they don’t use any kind of system, they just do it. Nothing gets done, if you wont do it. These people just start, work, finish and they are done.

Less talking. More working. That is the way.

So, I want to give blog that helps in productivity. Simple tips, simple apps, simple instructions and original content with idea. I want to “walk the walk” and not just “talk the talk”.

I hope I can also bring different views. We live our live with standards set by someone else. We do things that we believe are right and we need to do. I am in that loop as well.. But the truth is not always the truth we believe in.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned. I think this will be a good journey. I am getting in to speed now 😉


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