Why Passion is Overrated

Why Passion is OverratedYou have probably heard many times, how you should follow your passion and everything else will follow.

It is not true.

If you are passionate about ants, it is highly unlike that you would become successful or rich, but you might become highly respected ant specialist..

It is great if you can follow your passion. It is really good for you, but don’t expect fame, money or any kind of success only because you follow your passion. It won’t happen.

If you are passionate about your backyard garden. Great! It is really good for you, but it won’t turn to success unless you convert it to business yourself. Perhaps you will take care of your neighbour’s garden as well, perhaps you start to write books about gardening and earn ..

Passion is not enough. You need to act as well.

If your work sucks, there is no way to find passion out of it. If you are collecting garbage, I am sure there is no passion in that work. I am sure that there is no single person that would find passion out of it.

BUT your passion might be in your professionalism. You can do any work well. You can always improve and add extra to your work. Perhaps you are the most tidiest garbage man in your country, or fastest or the one that receives the greatest customer feedback… and that kind of attitude is needed elsewhere as well. It is a reason to be proud of your work.

Even if you would not respect the work you do, respect the way how YOU do it!

You don’t need passion, you need professionalism. You need attitude and you need will to do your job well and if you do that you can be proud of your work.

Perhaps your passion is to be proud of your work?


Photo credit Flickr Lalit Shahane

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