Why Yahoo failed with remote work?


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Last Friday Yahoos Marissa Mayer announced that remote work is forbidden by June. Everyone needs to work in Yahoo offices. It is controversial decision in the times when remote work is only increasing. ..but when you think it more – it makes sense.

Post in Business Insider about the announcement.

I have worked several times remotely and I love it. I wake up and start working right away. It is so quiet, no distractions. I really get something done.  My day is longer when I work from home. I am starting earlier and ending later ..and I don’t commute, which is bad for this blog. Read how to build productivity blog while commuting.

I understand what Yahoo does. It is fighting for its life and it needs to find the efficiency. If remote working is out of control and if there is no trust that people would use it correctly, there is no other choice than to blow the whistle. If you cut the benefits, you will get people mad, but not necessarily the people who are there to work. And who are really committed.

It is clear that remote work is NOT for everyone. It is always benefit for the people, but not for the company. If people misuse the time in the office, it is for sure that they will misuse it when they are working remotely.

I have seen articles with title “How to avoid procrastination when working from home” or “How to stay productive in home office”. I am shocked. For me remote days are source of power. When I am in the office, I am there for others. When I work from home, It is for me and my tasks and projects.

When I plan my remote days, I set goals for me. I pick tasks or projects that need longer periods of focus and I will do them.  And it feels so good to finish something.

Remote work instructions for employer:

  1. Make remote work part of contract and state the contract needs to be revisited every year
  2. Set rules for remote work:
  •        No overtime
  •        No collecting of hours
  •        Remote day needs to have goal
  •        Results are checked next day
  •        Person needs to be online on times he has set

Remote work instructions for employee:

  1. Set goal(s) for your remote day.
  2. Dont waste your day for standard work. Choose something that requires more focus.
  3. Make your office space. At home you can have a bit odd setup, work from sofa, but make sure you have everything in place. Power is connected, laptop battery is loaded etc.
  4. Then do it. Be usain bolt of productivity.


When company has too much benefits, it starts to loose its focus and message gets twisted. The best people are not there for the benefits. Most of them could not care less. They are there to get the job done. Remote work should not be possible for everyone. It should be something that is agreed in contract and used as a tool, not as benefit.

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