Your team member has resigned. Now what?

Your team member has resigned. Now what?“I need to talk with you”, there is a different tone in the voice when person is resigning. You will recognise that in a second.

As a team leader, manager or leader you sometimes face the situation that your team member resigns. It is not nice moment, specially if the person resigning is a top performer or otherwise well-respected, but it is often good start for something new.

When your team member leaves. Your responsibility as team leader or manager is to make the exit as smooth as possible. Resigning and going away is always a big decision for him (or her).

Here is a list what you should do:

1. Talk with him.

Everyone wants to tell their reasons. Your job is to listen and learn.

2. Don’t confuse him.

When he has resigned it is too late to make new offers.

You should have played your cards before and make sure he has no possibility to leave or is not in pursue of better offers. Don’t confuse him with better offers.

3. Make it easy.

Make all practicalities easy as possible. When someone has resigned he is not motivated to do anything extra. Whatever goes wrong during the last days he will remember it and tell it  to several others.

4. Let him know he is welcome to come back.

If he is good team player, let him know he is welcome to come back. You never know what goes wrong with the new employer.
5. Call him and keep contact.

After he has left. You can call and ask how is it going. It might be that grass is not green enough on the other side and keeping contact helps him to come back.

..and if not, it does not do any harm. It is a sign that you did care.



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